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You know you should be posting more on social media. Let Airpost do the heavy lifting for you.

  1. Create your Airpost account and submit a few details about your business.

  2. Within 24 hours, Airpost will send you an email confirming your first set of airposts are ready.

  3. Every day after that, choose your favorite new airposts to use (you can change the copy first if you want).

  4. Post them on TikTok and watch your audience and engagement grow!

Get Custom TikTok Videos Without Having to Make Them Yourself

to fit your business

With just your website and a few details about your product or service, Airpost’s AI engine creates TikTok posts that make sense for your business.

UGC without the high price tag

Airpost combines UGC footage we’ve created with knowledge of what goes viral on TikTok to create posts that your audience will love and relate to.

Get up and running on TikTok today

You don’t have to be a social media expert to be successful. Airpost gives you new TikTok posts every day to grow your reach and awareness.

Make TikTok work



Social media managers who want to grow reach and engagement on TikTok but don't have the bandwidth or resources.

No, Airpost is a subscription service and you can cancel any time.

Yes! Those are yours forever.

Any airposts you haven't downloaded will stay in the platform for one month. If you don't return as a user they will be deleted.